MSF Pipe series

MSF Pipe series

High-speed solution for 3D processing
of pipes and profiles with
a high automation degree

Technical specifications

Pipe and profile processing

Minimum diameter of pipe from 20 mm
Maximum diameter of pipe up to 500 mm
Minimum size of profile 20 x 20 mm
Maximum size of profile 250 x 250 mm
Maximum wall thickness according to laser source
Maximum lenth of pipe 12,000 mm
Maximum weight pipe/profile automated 50 kg/m
  manually 100 kg/m


Possible number of tools 2
Possible cutting processes fiber laser
Maximum material thickness according to laser source


Traverse speed up to 56,000 mm/min.
Positioning speed Z axis up to 30,000 mm/min.
X, Y axis linear guides, driven on both sides and helical toothed racks
Z axis rack
Gantry type massive steel gantry

Control & software

Control iMSNC®
Main control panel ergonomic 24" touchscreen control panel
Operating system Windows 10™ 64-bit PRO
Additional operating units portable operating unit (mounted on the main control panel and/or in the cabin)
  All specifications subject to change


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