Marking on CNC cutting systems using a plasma power source or needle


PlasmamarkierenPlasma marking

Plasma marking is supported by almost all plasma power sources with an automatic gas console and is considered an economical marking technology - even for the production of small batches. Grain points, lines, inscriptions and welded attachments can be applied using this process without any additional accessories. The depth of the markings can be regulated directly via the current intensity. The heat input into the material can lead to a change in the microstructure, even if this is only extremely minimal. However, this is not desirable for safety-relevant parts.



NadelmarkiereinheitenNeedle marking

Needle marking units are particularly suitable for markings that need to withstand heavy mechanical loads for a long time. In this process, the specially hardened embossing needle penetrates up to 2 mm deep into the material and enables feed rates of up to 2,000 mm/min. Needle marking is a robust and fast marking option for harsh industrial environments - for example in the steel industry and in mechanical engineering.



TintenstrahlmarkiererInkjet marking

Inkjet markers are suitable for contactless printing and marking of materials without damaging the surface. The print dots are dripped onto the material in the form of tiny ink particles as they pass over it and dry in a very short time. This marking process enables alphanumeric characters, graphics and barcodes to be printed on almost any surface. This method of marking is not suitable if the components to be marked are subsequently sandblasted.



PurwasserbeschriftungPure water labeling

With the help of a high-pressure pump and a pure water cutting head, the marking is worked into the material to a depth of approx. 0.5 mm. This marking technology is particularly suitable when components must not be exposed to thermal stress, inkjet marking would come off during sandblasting or the deep penetration of a needle marker is undesirable.



Laser marking

A laser marking unit on the portal of a MicroStep cutting center provides a technology for high-resolution marking and coding of components on different materials. The fast and precise solution with 30 kW of power is an ideal tool for applying intricate texts and lines, such as barcodes or QR codes, to the workpiece.




Depending on customer requirements, MicroStep cutting systems can be equipped with any marking process.



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