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Specialist for customized solutions: Software & control from one company

Modern cutting solutions require flexibility, precision and efficiency. For optimum results, the cutting system, control system and software must work perfectly together. In addition to versatile standard solutions, which already offer a wide range of processing due to their modular design, MicroStep has always been a sought-after partner in the field of special plant engineering. Because we can react to customer requirements particularly flexibly, since not only the guiding machines but also the control and software are developed and produced by MicroStep. Our maxim is: The right solution for every cutting task!



MicroStep offers a wide range of software solutions to easily and quickly create CNC programs for sheets, pipes, profiles or domes, to efficiently nest component drawings or to automatically manage cutting orders with the MPM production management system – also in combination with several cutting machines and a connection to the material storage. In addition, MicroStep has numerous useful tools for monitoring and evaluating the production. Current cutting orders, cutting times, cost calculations or even the machine utilization can be easily and quickly monitored.

Asper Basic® 2D CAM software

Asper Basic® 2D CAM software

Asper Basic is the ideal tool for an easy and fast creation of NC programs for different cutting technologies (plasma, oxyfuel, laser or waterjet).
MicroStep mCAM® 3D CAM software

MicroStep mCAM® 3D CAM software

mCAM is an efficient tool for the automated 3D production on pipes, profiles, domes, IPE carriers but also flat sheets with cutting systems of different technologies.
Asper Nesting® software

Asper Nesting® software

With Asper Nesting, you can easily and intuitively nest component drawings into efficient cutting plans.
MPM® Production Management

MPM® Production Management

MPM forms the basis for automated cutting. It automatically nests complex cutting jobs and projects on the right material and distributes the cutting plans to cutting machines for processing.


iMSNC® control system

The iMSNC® machine control from MicroStep is one of the most advanced control systems for CNC-controlled cutting machines. It was developed to convert cutting plans into finished components simply, reliably and effectively with the help of a modern user interface. The machine control enables an efficient management of tool data and impresses by very short programming times, fast data transfer, clarity and flexibility.

Depending on the series and the customer's requirements, the machine is controlled via different operating units. From 17"-tochscreens integrated in the cutting system to stand-alone solutions with 24"-touch screen, additional operating units on the portal or a second 24"-monitor for the transmission of cameras, which are mounted inside a safety cabin and show the cutting process  – the possibilities are versatile and exactly tailored to the needs of our customers.

MSE SmartControl

MicroStep Europa GmbH has also developed the MSE SmartControl for the new MSE SmartFL laser series. The smart and clearly designed software has a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface), which can be conveniently operated via a 21.5" touchscreen and an additional handheld device.



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