Faser laser cutting 4.0:
powerful, reliable, economical


Fast and highly dynamic: the machine control MSE SmartControl

With the MSE SmartFL, a modern, intuitive user interface guarantees that cutting plans can be converted reliably and highly effectively into finished components. The MSE SmartControl meets all the requirements placed on modern, high-performance control systems today.

MSE SmartControl machine control


Operation via a 21.5" touchscreen as well as an additional handheld device

Together with the German control specialist Eckelmann, MicroStep Europa has developed the MSE SmartControl control system. The machine control, manufactured for operation under all environmental conditions, is used to control the cutting components as well as the cutting peripherals. The MSE SmartControl features a user-friendly HMI (Human Machine Interface), which can be conveniently operated via a 21.5" touchscreen as well as via an additional handheld device. A clear and easy-to-use graphical user interface allows quick familiarization. The machine control system includes a industrial PC. The control components are located in a control cabinet. The cables are routed in a slip-proof cable duct. In addition to fast height control for a constant distance to the workpiece, the control system also offers CNC-controlled compensation mechanisms for optimum laser focus position. Other functions such as sheet position detection, kerf compensation or wear part monitoring are integrated in the control as standard.



The MSE SmartControl is also optimized for the use of IndustryFusion, a cross-vendor open source connectivity solution for Smart Factories and Smart Products.


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