South African aluminum specialist invests in a milling machine from MicroStep

CNC milling machine from MicroStep: aluminium specialist opts for milling machine

South African aluminum specialist invests in a milling machine from MicroStep

The South African Astro Holdings offers a wide range of aluminum processing. To round off the range of services, the group relies on the MicroMill

Published 23.09.2020 | Erich Wörishofer

Company profile:

Astro HoldingsIngwe Road 201609 SebenzaSouth Africa

Astro Holdings, based in South Africa and founded in 1998, offers a wide range of aluminium processing. Customers from a wide variety of industries rely on the services of the group, which is divided into different divisions. They supply customers from the automotive, mining, railway and leisure industries.

The milling machine MicroMill from MicroStep  
The MicroMill series was designed to enable precise CNC milling of soft metals, plastics and wood by means of high speed spindles. Astro Holdings focuses on the machining of aluminum.

Astro Holdings is a sought-after enterprise in South Africa. They specialize in the processing of aluminium, surface finishing and the delivery of components. By investing in the technology park, the aim is to offer the processing options required by customers in one house and to secure the market leadership in the field of aluminum processing. Now the new addition of the MicroMill milling machine from MicroStep plays an elementary role. The CNC milling machine has extended their range of services and can fulfil any machining tasks.

The Astro Group is South Africa’s leading refiner of aluminium surfaces and one of the leading suppliers of aluminium and aluminium products. Founded in 1998, the company specializes in the anodizing of aluminium and the supply of rolled and extruded aluminium products. A wide variety of customers from the vehicle and mining sectors, the leisure and construction sector or the railway industry rely on the high-quality solutions of the modern company. The aim of the company is to establish itself as the undisputed market leader in relation to aluminium products and surface finishing and to offer a wide range of the process chain under one roof. This includes a constant expansion of services and a constant investment in new technology.

The latest addition is the MicroMill from MicroStep – a CNC milling machine for demanding machining tasks with different materials.

Below is a brief interview with the company finance director, Mark Coetzee, about the new acquisition:

You recently invested in a MicroMill from MicroStep. How did you hear about MicroStep and its products?

Mark Coetzee: MicroStep was highly recommended by an industry partner. The company has equipment that is robustly designed and best suited to our needs.

Why did you invest in a CMC milling machine?

Coetzee: We saw an opportunity to further diversify our current service offering. Thanks to the additional options, we can now offer our customers an expanded range of services and offer everything from a single source.

What requirements did you have when choosing the right solution?

Coetzee: Astro was specifically looking for a machine that could ideally handle large, but also small-volume, precision manufacturing processes for extruded aluminium profiles and components at low cost. With the new MicroMill, we can turn all of this into reality.

„MicroStep came highly recommended to us by an industry partner. The company has devices that are robustly constructed and best meet our requirements. .“

Mark Coetzee,

Finance Director | Astro Holdings


Company profile:

MicroMill seroes

  • Working area 3,000 x 1,500 mm
  • Milling
  • Fully automatic toll magazine for 8 tools

CNC-Fräsen auf einer Arbeitsfläche von 3.000 x 1.500 mm



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