Production Plant Partizánske


Production Plant Partizánske

The picturesque hilly region in the mid west Slovakia, with its small villages and towns became home for an innovative Bata shoe factory project in the late 1930's when a 4 km² shoe factory complex of the brand Bata was built from scratch alongside extensive housing, social and recreational infrastructure for the factory employees – and the town Partizánske was born. The factory became state-owned in 1948 and was renamed to ZDA but still kept its shoemaking focus. After the Velvet Revolution several of its 20+ factory buildings were converted to other kinds of industrial production, one of them being the MicroStep Production Plant. 

The MicroStep production facility in Partizánske was established in 2003. It consists of 3 production halls with a total area 7,700 m² out of which 350 m² is administrative area. Most recently, an additional 1,200 m² assembly hall for laser and automation applications has been built in 2018. The plant is responsible for mechanical production of MicroStep's laser, waterjet and milling machines as well as for integration of control systems and technology of all MicroStep machines before we dispatch them to our customers. The factory is located 150 km northeast of Bratislava and has 100 employees.


MicroStep Production Plant Partizánske


MicroStep Production Plant Partizánske
Nitrianska 1773 / 120
958 01 Partizánske


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