Canadian shipyard builds with plasma cutting system for panel processing from MicroStep

The panel processing line of the DRM series with 16 meter width at the Canadian shipyard

Canadian shipyard builds with plasma cutting system for panel processing from MicroStep

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. relies on a MicroStep panel cutting machine with technologies for bevel cutting, marking and more

Published 27.11.2018 | Erich Wörishofer

Company profile:

Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
3099 Barrington StreetHalifax, Nova ScotiaB3K 5M7 Kanada

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is one of the most advanced shipbuilders in North America. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova
Scotia, the company specializes in the efficient construction, manufacture, conversion and maintenance of ships and
offshore platforms. Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is a member of the J. D. Irving Limited Business Group, a family owned
business with offices in Canada and the United States. As Canada’s chosen shipbuilder, Irving Shipbuilding is also working
for the Royal Canadian Navy.

Machine profile:

DRM-PL series
  • Working area 15,000 x 13,000 mm
  • Plasma rotator for weld preparation up to 45° with auto-
        calibration feature (ACTG®)
  • Scanner for detection of weld seam position
  • Inkjet marking
  • Sandblasting unit for primer removal + plasma marking
  • Automatic plate alignment
  • Operator platform with MMI console on the gantry

Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (ISI) has built one of the most powerful combinations of shipbuilding, ship repair and fabrication expertise in Canada and the eastern seaboard of North America in more than fifty years. The company has built over 80 % of Canada’s current fleet, and its Halifax Shipyard has been at the forefront of Canadian shipbuilding for more than 125 years. Today, the company also relies on technology from MicroStep.

ISI consists nowadays of five shipbuilding, repair and fabrication facilities – all committed to the company values of integrity, customer service and pride. Together, they make up Eastern Canada’s most extensive array of docks, slipways, steel fabrication shops, outfit and machine shops and blasting and painting facilities.

In 2011, the historic National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS) was undertaken by the Canadian Government, seeking to identify two shipbuilding Centers of Excellence for the country for the next 30 years. Irving Shipbuilding was extremely proud to have been selected by the Canadian Government to build the Royal Canadian Navy’s new combat fleet, a program that comprises 21 vessels and $25 billion over a period of 30 years.

Canada’s chosen shipbuilder

As Canada’s chosen shipbuilder, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. is working with the Royal Canadian Navy on the next class of Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) and Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship (AOPS) vessels under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). The longterm promise of stability granted by the NSS led the shipbuilder to invest in its Halifax Shipyard to build North America’s most modern and largest specialized shipbuilding facility.

One part of this giant investment included the purchase of a cutting-edge panel line from the Finnish global welding and production automation provider Pemamek Oy. MicroStep has been a part of this project and supplied the plasma cutting part of the line: the 16-meter wide gantry is equipped with a plasma rotator for CNC bevel cutting up to 50° and with additional heads for sandblasting (primer removal), plasma marking and inkjet marking.




More than 50 years of expertise in shipbuilding, ship repair and manufacturing  
As a Canadian shipbuilder, Irving Shipbuilding Inc. works with the Royal Canadian Navy. As part of this program, the Royal Canadian Navy's new fleet was built by Irving Shipbuilding Inc.


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