Scanning for further processing or for precise processing of pipes, profiles and domes


Reading barcodes

Semi-finished products with barcodes can be scanned by hand scanner or fully automatically. The information read, such as material type, material thickness, format, batch, melt number or, if applicable, the shape of a remnant sheet, is taken over by the machine control system and can then be used to create a suitable cutting plan. 


Scannen von Konturen und BohrlöchernScanning contours and drill holes

Drill holes, contours and even finished cut components can be completely recorded and scanned using a laser scanning unit and then further processed. For example, components whose material thickness no longer permits direct chamfering (usually > 60 mm) can be subsequently provided with precise weld seam preparations.

Surface scan on pipes, profiles and domes

No pipe or dome is exactly the same - even within a batch. Therefore, processing these semi-finished products requires an intelligent cutting system that takes into account and can compensate for the deviations between the pipes, profiles and domes to be processed.

In order to determine all deviations, MicroStep cutting systems automatically carry out a series of measurements at the start of the program. This measurement data is calculated by the control system and integrated into the respective cutting plan. In this way, the system reacts intelligently and automatically to deviations and ensures maximum precision in the finished product, especially for large series.

Taking the measurement data into account also plays a decisive role in individual custom-made products, as the actual dimensions of the semi-finished products to be processed often deviate from the original ideal dimensions - even if only minimally in some cases. 


Determining the sheet positionBlechtafel-Lageermittlung

The cutting system uses a positioning laser to precisely detect the edges and alignment of the sheet metal panel and aligns the nested cutting plan exactly to the sheet. This function reduces operator workload and shortens set-up times, as sheets do not have to be positioned precisely.

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