Production Plant Hrinová


Production Plant Hrinová

The larger of MicroStep's two production sites is located in the mid Slovakian town Hrinová, about 230 km eastwards of the capital Bratislava. Apart from its attractiveness for tourism, winter sports and recreation, the mountainous region is also rich with tradition of industrial production since the middle of the 20th century when the newly established large production plants ZTS (Závody tažkého strojárstva – Heavy engineering plants) in Hrinová as well as the nearby district town Detva provided jobs to over 10,000 employees. The facilities produced construction and agricultural machinery, with the Hrinová plant output being mainly gearboxes, drive systems, axles, reducers and differentials of all kinds. After the 1989's Velvet Revolution the industrial park in Hrinová gradually split to several companies. A significant part of the area is now occupied by the MicroStep production plant residing in the original ZTS halls.

The MicroStep plant in Hrinová (a successor of the former IQM plant established in 2003) features a 10,500 m² production area while 1,500 m² of new stock and assembly areas have been added as recent as 2019. The factory contains the full range of heavy metal processing machinery for milling, cutting, welding, finishing and painting. The factory accounts for over 70% of MicroStep's annual mechanical production, being the producer of mechanical parts for plasma & oxyfuel cutting machines, drilling machines, pipe cutting machines as well as robotic and automation solutions.

An additional 1,100 m² of administrative area complement the working space for the plant's close to 200 employees. 


MicroStep Production Plant Hrinová


MicroStep Production Plant Hrinová
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962 05 Hrinová


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