DS-B series | Automatic process line for profiles

The DS-B is an automatic process line for handling profiles. It has been developed to produce highly efficient holes and threads on square or rectangular profiles. The CNC machine is designed for a high degree of automation in daily operation with a chain conveyor for loading and unloading the profiles. After the profile is clamped by a gripper and moved into the working area, a laser scanner measures the profile edges and prepares the processing. The holes can be drilled simultaneously from two sides, thus ensuring maximum time savings and efficiency.

The CNC machine from MicroStep offers various options for processing:
- Drilling and tapping of profiles
- Profile processing for the sizes 50 x 50 mm to 300 x 300 mm
- Profile processing from 3M to 15M
- Drilling from 6 to 24 mm diameter
- Tapping from M6 to M12
- Marking with needle markers



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