CNC system solutions for your daily requirements

No matter what your requirements are for a CNC cutting system – MicroStep offers you the entire range of all relevant cutting

technologies (plasma, laser, oxyfuel and waterjet) – both in 2D and 3D. In addition, the systems can be individually adapted to

your production requirements with numerous options and connected to systems for automated material handling.

In addition, MicroStep also offers efficient solutions for the performance of your tasks regarding chip-forming machining, milling and bending.

MicroStep cutting solutions therefore help you to make your production even more efficient – day after day.

Technologies (1)
Oxyfuel cutting Laser cutting Plasma cutting Waterjet cutting Machining Folding Surface processing
Processing options
2D cutting ABP® – Additional Beveling Process Dome processing Drilling, Tapping, Countersinking Bevel cutting (weld edge preparation) Marking Pipe & Profile processing Scanning Material handling Sheet processing Beam processing Milling Material handling automated Tandem, Tridem


Highest precision without thermal effects: the AquaCut waterjet cutting system was developed for these cutting requirements of almost all materials. The machine can be equipped with a 5-axis waterjet rotator or combined with a plasma or drilling unit.

Pipe & Profile processing2D cuttingBevel cutting (weld edge preparation)MarkingScanningAutomation AquaCut


The WaterCut is a high-precision, reliable and compact waterjet cutting solution that allows 2D and 3D cutting of almost any material – without thermal impact.

2D cuttingBevel cutting (weld edge preparation)MarkingScanning WaterCut
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