Tube & profile processing

Tube processing and profile processing with CNC cutting systems


Pipes and profiles are used to manufacture a wide range of products in industrial production today: From simple spirit levels to nozzles, pipes and containers for apparatus engineering or complete piping systems for ocean-going freighters - sometimes numerous different tubes and profiles are required simultaneously for complex constructions. Basically, two types of machine designs are used for processing pipes and profiles: either systems with a cantilever arm or portal systems with an integrated pipe shaft.



AuslegerarmCantilever arm

The version with an eccentric cantilever is a pure pipe and profile processing solution. The entire machine concept is designed to clamp, scan, cut and finally unload tubes as quickly and economically as possible. In conjunction with the corresponding automation components, such as an automatic loading unit, the cutting system can be loaded fully automatically with the correct profile from the material store according to the cutting plan - the same applies to the removal and storage of finished components. Thanks to the flexible cantilever design, pipe diameters of up to 3,000 mm can be realized.
Processable profile shapes: Round tubes, square profiles, I, H, T, L, U profiles (also complete separation) and elbows.



Portalanlage mit integriertem RohrschachtPortal system with integrated pipe shaft

The major advantage of this design is the flexibility to process both tubes and flat sheets. The pipe shaft integrated into the cutting table can be covered with frame elements on MicroStep cutting systems if required and used as a full-surface extracted cutting table. The machine portal moves into the parking position for loading and unloading pipes. This allows pipes to be safely placed on the support blocks by crane and clamped in the jaw chuck.
Processable profile shapes: Round pipes, square profiles, I, H, T, L, U profiles (also complete separation) and elbows.



Possible cutting methods:

  • Plasma: Depending on the power source, tube and profile processing with plasma is suitable for wall thicknesses of 2 to 50 mm and all electrically conductive materials. In this cutting range, plasma impresses with high cutting speeds, economy and a very clean cut quality. In conjunction with the MicoStep R5 rotator, bevel cuts on the tube are also possible.
  • Oxyfuel: The best solution for extremely thick-walled pipes with wall thicknesses of up to 200 mm is oxyfuel cutting. Despite the relatively low feed rates, oxyfuel technology is very low-wear, cost-effective and also suitable for use with the MicroStep R5 Rotator.
  • Laser: The tube laser impresses with very high cutting speeds in the thin-walled range from 0.5 to 15 mm. The cuts are very delicate and the heat input into the material is also relatively low.
  • Water jet: This cutting process enables extremely precise cuts to be made in almost any material - and all without heat input.
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